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Primary Care

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The process is simple. We will only ask for electricity and water. We work out in residency like apartments, bungalow, hotels, school and even bedside for bedbound patient. We have state-of-the-art dental equipment with digital x-rays and photos. It’s amazing to think you can have a dental office set up in your home in 15 minutes!

For your initial booking, our dentist will arrive with a dental assistant. We’ll get to know you by reviewing your medical and dental history, pay attention carefully to your concerns and responding all of your questions. We do not start working until you are absolutely comfortable that we fully understand the needs of everyone concerned.

Comfort for patients

We prioritize to ease a patient first, and we are able to make full accommodations for patients who are restricted to bed or in a wheelchair.

Examination and diagnosis

The dentist will carry out a visual examination, specially looking for issues involving discomfort and pain, proper function and aesthetics. Our primary assessment includes diagnosis of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, infection, proper denture fit, dry mouth and loose teeth. Our dental assistant will also take photos of your mouth for our records. A full set of portable digital x-rays will be taken, focusing in on areas of particular concern, which the dentist can interpret immediately.

Consultation and treatment planning

Based on what we learn from the examination and x-rays, we will consult with you regarding our diagnoses and review the line of treatment options. This includes a discussion of fees and possible payment plans. Whenever possible, follow up care will be arranged at your (or your charge’s) residence or on call.
The cost of the treatment varies depending on your selected type of dental care, number of sessions and complications associated with the dental condition. You pay on completion of the dental checkup, however the payment of treatments may varies depending on discussion with the respective dental consultant and sessions of the treatment.
We abide by the same protocol as traditional dental clinic. We use medical autoclaves to sterilize our instruments and keep in sterilized disposable pouch. We choose to have our autoclaves cleaned and checked daily. If you are worried about saliva a splatter, again, we have our unit in a controlled setting and clean it after every session.

Special Introductory Offer!

Offer Charge Rs. 350 + Free X-RAY*

Regular Consultation  Charges Rs. 500


*If needed